Andy "Derby" Derbak (jokerman05) wrote in incubusidolizer,
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Much awaited Incubus....

Ok a lot of things have been going on and need to get everyone up to speed.

Incubus held a live video conference covering what their future plans are. You can d/l it off their website.

Here's the important stuff:
-They will release a cd in February of 04
-They plan on touring in exotic locations on top of regular cities
-They released a "Live at Lolla" cd which goes to the Make Yourself Foundation, a charity where incubus takes some of their money and donates it to a charity they feel needs it
- They have another new song out called Talk Shows on Mute (which can be downloaded off of

That's all i can think of. If anyone else can elaborate on this, then go ahead.

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