Andy "Derby" Derbak (jokerman05) wrote in incubusidolizer,
Andy "Derby" Derbak

A Crow Left of the Murder

Perfection! The I've listened to the new cd 3 times while working today. I love every song, even the ones that are totally different from any other song they have made before. It's worth the cash, fo sho!

For those who got the CD already too, what do you think about it?
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hey i love the CD. i have been listening to it since i bought it this morning at 9am. i have to say i just cant get sick of it. the guys always reinvent themselves. you know how some bands come out with cds that sound JUST LIKE the one they did before that one. INCUBUS has yet to disapoint me. i love every song starting from FUNGUS AMONGUS to A CROW LEFT OF THE MURDER. each one unique and special. oh yeah the DVD kicks ass! jose is so freaking funny when hes doing the reenactment of brandons injury.
its the effing jam! the DVD is pretty sick. i didnt get to take pics of them at lolla b/c my bro didnt want me to sneak a cam in so the DVD makes up for it i guess.
This is just simply their best album yet. Musically, they have all matured, taking their sound to the next level. And brandon has greatly expanded his vocal range. Mike is just plain BADASS, and the bass player is a very good replacement. This album is breaking the stereotype that people and radio made them out to be. By the way, if you haven't already voted for them at, please do, they are barely winning!!
ben's not a replacement! *shivers*
ya incubus rocks do we all agree?
definitely best album yet. saw them live here in germany ... rock experience in my life so far.
i love every f***ing song on this record, sometimes, according to my mood i'll skip priceless, but yeah! way to go
definetly a new fav...i listened to it with my s/o and brandon completed the moment ;) hahaha
i really like this new cd- are you planning to go to their summer tour?
July 20 is when they come to my town, i hope i can go.
where do you live? I can see them August 9th so it looks like you are going to enjoy them first
I live right outside of St. Louis.
oh! that is why, i live near San Francisco, CA
it's fucking amazing...i cannot listen to it enough